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Supercharge Your Instagram,

Supercharge Your Leads

June 10th - 14th

A Free Challenge that will blow your business up in all the right ways!

Challenge Accepted!

More Engagement

Boost your online presence and keep your audience hooked. Learn strategies to interact more effectively and create content that sparks conversation and increases visibility.

More Leads

Capture potential clients' attention with targeted strategies. Discover how to create compelling lead magnets and calls to action that convert visitors into leads.

More Money

Turn your new skills into profit. We’ll show you how to package the cutting-edge marketing techniques you’ve mastered during the challenge and sell them as valuable services to others.


Day 1: Defining Your Ideal Client/Customer

Understand how to identify and target the clients who are most valuable to your business.

Day 2: Creating Irresistible Offers and Lead Magnets

Master the art of crafting offers that draw in leads and effectively convert them into customers.

Day 3: Building Lead Generating AI Chatbot Automation

Implement AI-driven chatbots to streamline interactions and accelerate lead generation using Chatbot Builder AI.

Day 4: Crafting Powerful Email Sequences

Learn to create compelling email campaigns that nurture leads and seal the deal.

Day 5: Packaging Your New Skills to Sell

Discover how to monetize your new skills, turning knowledge into profit.

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Special Features

  • Live Interactive Sessions: Engage directly with Kelly during our live, interactive daily sessions.

  • Exclusive Resources: Access specially designed workbooks and templates that support your journey through each challenge step.

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from Kelly Noble Mirabella's extensive experience, a veteran in digital marketing and chatbot technology.

Registration is Free!

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by the end of the Challenge you will be able to

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Identify your ideal client/customer

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Build an AI chatbot that increases engagement and captures leads

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Create lead magnets that entice your perfect client.

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Package everything you learn and sell it to your clients!